I often encounter athletes who are generally confused, misinformed, or even uninformed about sports nutrition. Too frequently they seem to be ingrained with a negative diet mindset, where the idea of being “fit” is associated with overly rigid muscle definition and extreme weight loss. Consequently, they obsess about appearance, over-exercise, or starve to reach otherwise unhealthy and often unrealistic fitness expectations.


Beyond this, they often find themselves unnecessarily fatigued, dehydrated, emotionally drained, and frustrated by a lack of progress, primarily resulting from improper nutrition and lack of the necessary tools for proper athletic recovery.


Through nutritional fitness education and training, I am determined to help change the self-defeating mindsets and faulty expectations about athletic achievement that will not only improve personal performance, but will further enhance self-esteem, self-image, and provide effective tools and resources to achieve a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. 



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-Nutritional fitness is an investment not only in your sport but also in your life. Properly fueling your body to perform at its peak is a vital part of maximizing that investment -



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