How Semi Personal Training Classes Help You Get Better Results Than Group Fitness Classes

How Semi Personal Training Classes Help You Get Better Results Than Group Fitness Classes

Have you been attending endless oversized group fitness classes only to make little to no progress? At Vali Fit we give you personalized programs without sacrificing the social aspect of Group Fitness. In this blog post we’re going to tell you why Semi-Personal Fitness Classes at Vali Fit can help you get faster results!


Individualized Training

Semi Personal Training is individualized to your fitness level and goals. Class sizes are 80% smaller, giving you that Personal Training feel. Semi Personal Training is a fraction of the cost of traditional one-on-one personal training classes while still giving most of the benefits of them.


Built For You

The exercises that have the most impact on your fitness and health are the ones that are correctly prescribed to you. Vali Fit Semi Personal Trainers are experts at helping people get to the next level in their health and fitness goals through guidance, accountability, support and expert coaching.



This is a small group training environment that gives you more accountability to your trainer and your peers doing semi personal training with you. This allows for more time and expertise from the trainer. We can help you get results faster and more effectively to reach your goals.


Build Relationships

Semi personal training will help build friendships and relationships with like minded people. Classes built around a supportive and encouraging atmosphere, Semi Personal Training can help you achieve your goals faster.

The Vali Fit Difference is clear. We offer a holistic approach to fitness that takes into account your physical, emotional, and mental health. Our coaches create personalized programs based on your specific needs and goals, ensuring you get the most out of your workout experience. Visit us today in Logan and see the difference!