Top 3 Best Weight Loss Tips From a Nutrition and Fitness Coach

Top 3 Best Weight Loss Tips From a Nutrition and fitness Coach

In a world of quick fixes and weight loss gimmicks you would think it wouldn't be so hard to lose weight. When in fact it's only hard when we choose diets and products that aren't reliable or sustainable. It's so much simpler than we make it out to be. Our Vali Fit coaches are here to get you results, long-term, through nutrition and fitness programs.

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Strength Training

One of my top tips for losing weight is to strength train. If you choose to do anything at all for your workouts, make it this. Muscle burns more calories per pound than fat does - even when you're sitting still. Therefore, the more muscle you have – the more calories you burn each day – the better chance you have at losing weight. Gaining muscle will also help you lose some unwanted fat through increased calorie expenditure and increased lean body mass which in turn helps you keep off those pounds once they’re gone! It’s also important to remember that strength training is not just for people who want to build muscle. There are bone, cardiovascular and even mental health benefits.

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If you want to lose weight, gain muscle and enjoy healthy meals, you need to focus on your protein intake. Whether you workout or not It's a must! Protein is a macronutrient that your body needs to not just function properly but build muscle. Your body uses protein to build new tissues and repair old ones, which helps you maintain lean muscle mass and increase your metabolism. Protein also helps your body recover from exercise by repairing damaged muscle fibers and helping them grow back stronger than before. If you want to see results, you need protein. It's the most important nutrient for weight loss, muscle gain and overall health.

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Consistency is key. If you are consistent with your nutrition and training, it’s much easier to reach your goals, no matter how lofty they are. There will always be days where you miss the mark or do not get enough sleep that day. But if you stick it out, hit your macros more often than not, and keep working hard, there is no doubt in my mind that you can obtain whatever fitness goal you set. You can’t go through a week of eating clean and training hard one day, then binge on pizza the next. Your body will adapt to whatever stimulus it is given, so if you want to change something about yourself—whether that be losing weight or gaining muscle—you have to keep it up for weeks to months before any noticeable changes occur.


The Value Of A Coach

At Vali Fit, I help women lose weight and build muscle through a personalized nutrition plan. Best of all, you can sign-up for the program in just a few minutes and start seeing results immediately. I’ll even help you learn what foods to add to your diet to make sure you’re eating enough calories and protein so that you can get the results you want. If you're interested in learning more about how to eat the right amount of calories and protein, sign up for a free consultation with me. I’ll help you create a plan that works best for your body type and fitness goals.

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